Digital Library


Digital Library was established with 30 computers with high speed Internet connection, Wi-Fi enabled. Digital has many forms and meanings in today advancement in terms of Information, Knowledge sharing data security. All the Non-Book Materials (E-Resources) online journals, Scanned Documents can be stored in the Digital format through Internet cabin. Anyone can access Information about online process in Digital Library.

Open Access Catalogue (OPAC) is extended to students through Pentium Systems. The software used Newgen, has been developed Verus solutions Pvt. Ltd., Technology. The Barcode Scanning facility at the library is on par with that of most modern libraries and it helps keep track of issue and return of books. All library facilities, supported by expert assistance, are available for students and staff from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on all working days. Providing for full utilization of automation technology and for physical facilities and equipment adequate to process, catalogue and store the materials.

Digital Library Services:

E-Journals ( IEEE, J-Gate, Springer and DELNET)

Open Access (free) Journals (4,800+)

E-books (786+)


Video-On-Demand Courses

CD & DVD's of Books / magazines (e-material)

Free Internet Facility with 10 mbps Speed