SI.NoName of the Journal
1I-Manager Journal on Software Engineering
2I-Manager Journal on Computer Science
3I-Manager's Journal on Cloud Computing
4IUP Journal of Information Technology
5IUP Journal of Computer Science
6Desidoc Journal of Library and Information Technolgoy
7Open Source for U
8International Journal of Computational Lignuistics
9International Journal of Web Applications
10Journal of Digital Information Management
11Journal of Information Security Research
12Journal of Multimedia Processing and Technologies
13Journal of Network Security
14Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology
15I-Manager's Journal on Pattern Recognition
16I-Manager's Journal on Software Engineering
17Research Journal of Engineering & Technology
18Inventi Impact Artificial Intelligence
19Invertis Journal of Science and Technology
20Information Security Education Journal (ISEJ)
21International Journal of Information Studies (IJIS)
22Journal of Data Processing (JDP)
23Journal of Electronic Systems (JES)
24Journal of E-Technology (JET)
25Journal of Information & Systems Management (JISM)
26Journal of Information Organization (JIO)
27Journal of Information Technology Review (JITR)
28Journal of Intelligent Computing (JIC)
29Progress in Computing Applications (PCA)
30Journal of Network Security Computer Networks
31Journal of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence
32Advancement of IoT in Blockchain technology and its applications
33Journal of IoT Security and Smart technologies
34Research & Review: Machine Learning and Cloud Computing
35Journal of Innovations in Data Science and Big Data Management
36Journal of Web Development and Web Designing
37Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
38International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Research
39International Journal of Data Analysis and Information Systems
40International Journal of Software Engineering and Computing
41International Journal of Computer Science and Software Technology
42International Journal of Computing and Applications
43IETE Technical Review
44IETE Journal of Research
45I-Manager Journal on Electronics Engineering
46I-Manager Journal on Communication Engineering and Systems
47I-manager's Journal on Instrumentation & Control Engineering (JIC)
48I-manager's Journal on Circuits and Systems (JCIR)
49I-Manager Journal on Digital Signal Processing
50I-Manager Journal on Embded Systems
51I-Manager Journal on Wireless communication Networks
52IEEMA Journal
53IUP Journal of Telecommunications
54Signals and Telecommunications Journal
55Defence Science Journal
56Journal of Innovative in Electronics & Communications Engineering
57Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology (AJIST)
58Electronic Devices
59Electronics For You
60Journal of Surface Science and Technology
61I-Manager Journal on Electrical Engineering
62I-Manager Journal on Power Systems Engineering (JPS)
63IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics
64CIGRE India Journal
65Power Engineer Journal
66Journal: IAEGTD (AARO)
67Invertis Journal of Renewable Energy
68Intenational Journal of Electrical Energy Systems
69International Journal of Electric Power Systems & Energy Conversion
70International Journal of Power Engineering and Green Technology
72Asian Journal of Electrical Science
73I-Manager Journal on Civil Engineering
74IASH Journal
75TAI Journal
76IWRA (India) Journal (Half Yearly Technical Journal of Indian Geographical Committee of IWRA)
77ISRM India Journal- Half Yearly Technical Journal of Indian National Group of ISRM
78The Indian Concrete Journal
79Incold(Indian Committee on Large Dams)Journal
80Indian Highways
81NDC_WWC Journal
82NICMAR Journal of Construction Management
83Civil Engineering and Construction Review
84Indian Geotechnical Journal
85Journal of Structural Engineering
86IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering
87Resonance Journal of Science Education
88Journal of Manufacturing Engineering(SME)
89Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
90Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Science
91Journal of Mines,Metals and Fuels
92Effective Executive
93IUP Journal of Bank Management
94IUP Journal of Corporate Governance
95IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship
96IUP Journal of Organisation Behavior
97Finance India
101Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship
102Business Today
103IIMB Management Review
104Indian Journal of Marketing
105IUPJournal of English Studies
106Employment News
107Engineering Success Review
108Competition Success Review
110CSIR News