Professional Bodies

The presence of Professional bodies and their regular activities showcases the college on global arena as these are crucial to engineering education.

Professional bodies like IETE and ISTE are concerned with the growth and observation of professional educational programs, and thus perform technology updates through conferences, seminars, tutorials and workshop at nominal rates. It is a forum for activities like Paper Presentations, Quiz, Competitions and Exhibitions that connects distinguished academicians, researchers and practitioners. Also it creates opportunity to interact with industry professionals and chalk out a career path.

Under the auspicious guidance of the professional societies functioning in this college, number of programmes like Seminars, Technical paper presentations, Group discussions, Model tests for GRE, Personality & Communication Skills development are being organized

Indian Society for Technical Education

ISTE was started as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APTI) in the year 1941. It was a society for the Principals at that time and with a view to enlarge the activities, APTI was converted into Indian Society of Technical Education. It is a national, professional, non-profit Society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The major objective of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organizations. ISTE is the only national organization that caters to the needs of educators in the field of Engineering and Technology. ISTE has good nexus with many reputed colleges and universities.

ISTE formulates the general goals & responsibilities of technical education. It plays a vital role in changing the curriculum according to the contexts. In the field of education, ISTE has been impressively moulding the personality of teachers and administrators. It enhances professional ideals & standards. ISTE gives importance to research and teaches how to maintain a serene atmosphere in work places. It serves as a bridge between technical institutions and society.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional association which was formed in 1963 from the amalgamation of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers. Its objectives are the educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines

Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) provides a professional network with an unparalleled, global community of professionals with an objective that Professional networking is a necessary skill for a lifetime of career success

The IEEE provides learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research, and technology. IEEE offers educational opportunities such as IEEE e Learning Library, the Education Partners Program, Standards in Education and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


An individual can join the IEEE as a student member, professional member, or associate member. In order to qualify for membership, the individual must fulfill certain academic or professional criteria and abide to the code of ethics and bylaws of the organization. There are several categories and levels of IEEE membership and affiliation

Student Members

Student membership is available for a reduced fee to those who are enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education as undergraduate or graduate students in technology or engineering.

Graduate Student Members

Graduate Student Membership is discounted but members at this level have greater privileges than do Student Members


Ordinary or professional Membership requires that the individual have graduated from a technology or engineering program of an appropriately accredited institution of higher education or h000ave demonstrated professional competence in technology or engineering through at least six years of professional work experience. An associate membership is available to an individual whose area of expertise falls outside the scope of the IEEE or who does not, at the time of enrolment, meet all the requirements for full membership. Students and Associates have all the privileges of members, except the right to vote and hold certain offices.

Society Affiliates

Some IEEE Societies also allow a person who is not an IEEE member to become a Society Affiliate of a particular Society within the IEEE, which allows a limited form of participation in the work of a particular IEEE Society.

Senior Members

Upon meeting certain requirements, a professional member can apply for Senior Membership, which is the highest level of recognition that a professional member can directly apply for. Applicants for Senior Member must have at least three letters of recommendation from Senior, Fellow, or Honorary members and fulfill other rigorous requirements of education, achievement, remarkable contribution, and experience in the field. The Senior Members are a selected group, and certain IEEE officer positions are available only to senior (and Fellow) Members. Senior Membership is also one of the requirements for those who are nominated and elevated to the grade IEEE Fellow, a distinctive honor.

Fellow Members

The Fellow grade of membership is the highest level of membership, and cannot be applied for directly by the member – instead the candidate must be nominated by others. This grade of membership is conferred by the IEEE Board of Directors in recognition of a high level of demonstrated extraordinary accomplishment.

Honorary Members

Individuals who are not IEEE members but have demonstrated exceptional contributions, such as being a recipient of an IEEE Medal of Honor, may receive Honorary Membership from the IEEE Board of Directors.

Life Members, Life Senior Members and Life Fellows

Members who have reached the age of 65 and whose number of years of membership plus their age in years adds up to at least 100 are recognized as Life Members, Life Senior Members or Life Fellows, as appropriate.

Participant Year Price
Member Full Year $164
Member Half year $82
Student Full Year $27
Student Half year $13.50


IEEE BITS Student Branch (IEEE BITS SB) approved by IEEE to initiate IEEE activities at our Institute w.e.f. 27.09.2018 (with student branch code 14014).IEEE BITS SB was actively involved in organizing various IEEE events at the Institute and outside the campus in association with IEEE Hyderabad section and IEEE student branches of nearby institutes in Warangal zone. The total strength of IEEE BITS Student Branch is of 22 no. of student members and 3 no. of faculty members and team strength is increasing day to day.

BITS Student Branch (IEEE BITS SB) Team

Counselor Interim Branch Mobile
Mr.S. Suresh Administrative officer 9866078590

BITS Student Branch (IEEE BITS SB) Team

Name Head of Department Mobile
Mrs. Asiya Sulthana Head of ECED 9676321520
Mr.K. Radha Krishna Asst. Prof. of ECED 9703257256

Executive body of IEEE BITS SB for the academic year 2018-19

Name Deisgnation Year
Ms.M. Mounika Chairman IV year ECE
Ms.V.Keerthana Vice Chair IV year ECE
Ms.M. Prathyusha Secretary IV year ECE
Ms.K.Divya Treasurer (IV year ECE)

Committees for the academic year 2018-19

Name Deisgnation Year
Ms.B. Rachana Programming Committee IV year ECE
Ms.D. Shirisha Membership Committee IV year ECE
Ms.M. Naveena Finance Committee IV year ECE
Ms.K. Srujana Nomination committee IV year ECE
Ms.N. Shruthi Publicity committee IV year ECE
Ms.P.Hindhuja Web Designing committee IV year ECE

Faculty Registered under IEEE

S.No Name of The Faculty Designation Department Member ID
1 Mr.S.Suresh Assoc.Prof. CSE 92344748
2 Mrs.AsiyaSulthana Assoc.Prof. ECE 93226881
3 Mr.K.RadhaKrishna Asst.Prof. ECE 95016793

Students Registered under IEEE

S.No Name of The Student H.T.NO Department Member ID
1 M.Mounika 15C31A0467 ECE 94849255
2 M.Prathyusha 15C31A0470 ECE 94849147
3 K.Divya 15C31A0446 ECE 94847578
4 V.Keerthana 15C31A04A5 ECE 94849193
5 N.Prathyusha 15C31A0476 ECE 94849241
6 N.Harshini 15C31A0475 ECE 94849232
7 L.Pravalika 15C31A0463 ECE 94849265
8 K.Jyothi 15C31A04B1 ECE 94849368
9 K.Nandini 15C31A0452 ECE 94849412
10 K.Srujana 15C31A0447 ECE 94849443
11 D.Shirisha 15C31A0423 ECE 94849449
12 B.Rachana 15C31A0407 ECE 94849508
13 K.Anoja 15C31A0451 ECE 94849415
14 P.Hinduja 15C31A0482 ECE 94849445
15 P.Likitha 15C31A0483 ECE 94849267
16 N.Shruthi 15C31A0473 ECE 94849472
17 A.Sandhya 15C31A04B4 ECE 94849451
18 M.Naveena 15C31A0464 ECE 94849077
19 S.Sushmitha 15C31A0496 ECE 94849297
20 S.Priyanka 15C31A0495 ECE 94849302
21 SK.Maimuna 15C31A0498 ECE 94849342
22 P.Nagarani 15C31A0477 ECE 94848958

Events Organized under IEEE BITS STB 14014

S.No Event Name Conducted On No.Of students Participated Description
1 BODHI 18 29th march 2018 280 Awareness on IEEE is organized by IEEE BITS Volunteers
2 PCB Design & Fabrication 1st & 2nd august 2018 120 Workshop on PCB Design & Fabrication Process
3 Big data - Hadoop 30th July - 3rd august, 2018 110 Workshop on Big data - Hadoop
4 VOLT 18 18th sep 2018 200 IEEE Volunteer Training Program