Community for SC/ST

Aim :

To serve as a centre for providing data and advisory services to students on the problems and development of the ST and SC communities.

Objectives :

SC/ST Cell has been constituted in the Institute to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the SC/ST Students of the Institute.

To help SC/ST students and employees and renders in solving their academic as well as administrative problems.

It functions to promote higher education among the SC/ST or weaker communities that are suffering from economic, social and educational deprivations.

It suggests the follow-up measures to the administration of the Institute for achieving the objectives and targets laid down by MHRD, GOI for the empowerment of SC/ST Students.

Executive Committee Members for the C.A.Y 2018-2019

S.NoNameDesignationPosition Mail id
1Dr. A. Arun KumarAssociate
2Mr.N. DevendarAssistant
3Mrs.D.Pavana KumariAssistant
4Ms S.RodavishalAssistant
7Mr G.JaipalAssistant

Students Members of SC/ST Cell

S.No Name Year/SemDepartment
4J.Mahen KumarIII/IIMECH
6V. Sri KavyaII/IIMBA
7E. Sai KumarI/IICIVIL

Our college SC/ST cell is organized the 279th Birth Anniversary of sri sevalal maharaj “The Great”, dignitaries paid homage to Sant Sevalal by garlanding his portrait at the venue and remembering his reforms and services for the uplift of Banjaras. They said Sevalal Maharaj devoted his life to drive humanity in the right direction and sought to reform them with his spiritual messages.