The institution practices decentralization and participative management

Participative Management is one of the important cultural features of the Balaji Institute of Technology and Science.

Management representatives, Principal, Faculty members and students play important role in participative management.

They can provide ideas and constructive suggestions on the operational activities of the institute. Management representatives involves in maintaining quality and progress aspects of the Institute.

Principal drives all the academic and non-academic activities involving HODs and faculty.

The institution reassures participative management at various levels. Administrative and academic committees are formed where students and faculties play a vital role in decision making process.

This ensures participative management at all levels. Meetings are conducted every month by the Head of the Institution with Head of the departments where policies are framed and decisions are made.

These are disseminated to staffs by HODs through regular meetings. The management is also open to the ideas and suggestions given by the faculties in implementing the policies framed.

Principal heads the academic, administrative and other matter related to students.

He has full authority on academic activities and formations of various committees. He delegates various roles to the members in the committee to act autonomously.

HODs have functional autonomy to decide on the various departmental events and implementing them with the involvement of the faculty members.

They have privileges in proposing the budget, framing timetable, subject allocation, assigning department coordinators for various committees, conduction of National and International Conferences, organizing seminars and workshops, arranging Industrial visits.

In- Plant trainings and help in manifesting the vision and mission.