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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in 2007-2008. The department offers a four year degree program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an annual intake of 60 students and increased to 120 students in 2012. The department also offers a two year M.Tech program in Electrical Power Systems with an annual intake of 36 students and Three Years Diploma (DEE) Course with an annual intake of 60 Students. The purpose of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to provide professional training, and at the same time to participate actively in applied and theoretical research. The Department strives to instill in students the attitudes, values, vision and training that will prepare them for lifetimes of continued learning and leadership, to develop the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the benefit of society; to generate new knowledge for the betterment of humankind and disseminate it universally; and to generate realistic and innovative solutions for the current and future technological needs.


To nurture excellence in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering by imparting core values to the learners and to mould the institution into a centre of academic excellence and advanced research.


M1: To impart students with high technical knowledge to make globally adept to the new Technologies.

M2: To create, disseminate and integrate knowledge of engineering, science and technology that expands the electrical engineering knowledge base towards research.

M3: To provide the students with a platform for developing new products and systems that can help industry and society as a whole.

Teaching Staff

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Highest Degree Experience (Years)
1Dr. P. ArulkumarAssoc.ProfessorPh.D15
4Dr.S ManikandanAssoc.ProfessorPh.D17
5Dr.T.C. ManjunathAssoc.ProfessorPh.D12
8Dr.Nalluri Veda KumarAssoc.ProfessorPh.D6
9Mr. Mallikarjun SingireddyAsst.ProfessorM.Tech20
10Mr.Singam SridharAsst.ProfessorM.Tech13
11Mr. Ragidi Ranadheer ReddyAsst.ProfessorM.Tech5
12Mr.Mohammad SamdaniAsst.ProfessorM.Tech5
13Ms.Gummalla MadhuriAsst.ProfessorM.Tech6
14Mrs.Bokkala Sravanthi Asst.ProfessorM.Tech4
15Mr.Markala Karthik Asst.ProfessorM.Tech4
16Mrs Merugu SreelekhaAsst.ProfessorM.Tech4
17Mrs Matoori Sravanthi Asst.ProfessorM.Tech4
18Ms.Ravula SwathiAsst.ProfessorM.Tech4
19Mrs.V.C. Laxmi PrasannaAsst.ProfessorM.Tech3
20Ms.Amma Priyanka Asst.ProfessorM.Tech2
21Ms.Sangala Rodavishal Asst.ProfessorM.Tech3
22Mr.Thotakuri Rajesh KumarAsst.ProfessorM.Tech2
23Ms.Prathibha BaregalaAsst.ProfessorM.Tech5
24Mrs.Shailaja KummariAsst.ProfessorM.Tech4
25Mr.Gali SridharAsst.ProfessorM.Tech4
26Mrs.Vemula ShravyaAsst.ProfessorM.Tech1
27Mr.Gaja DivyasreeAsst.ProfessorM.Tech2
28Mrs.Arumulla AshwiniAsst.ProfessorM.Tech2
29Mr. Jeejula AbhinayAsst.ProfessorM.Tech2
30Ms.Chidurala MounikaAsst.ProfessorM.Tech4
31Mr.Mamidi KalyanAsst.ProfessorM.Tech1

Non Teaching Staff

S.NoName Highest DegreeDesignation
1Mr. Lingala RameshDEEELab Technician
2Mr. V. SridharITILab Technician
3Mr. M. KommaluITILab Technician
4Mr.M.YugenderITILab Technician
5Mrs. E.JyothiB.TechLab Technician
6Mr. P. Vamshi KrishnaB.TechLab Technician
7Mr. M. RajivM.ComClerk
8Mrs. K. Kavitha-Attender NAME OF THE STUDENT YEAR
1 Gannu Sharath2007 - 2011
2 Guduri Kiranmai 2008 – 2012
3 Dasu Rachana2009 – 2013
4 Vemula Poojitha Reddy 2010 – 2014
5 Dodda Anusha 2011 – 2015
6 Akuthota Anusha2012 - 2016