Student Centric Methods

Learning Process plays an active role to ensure the students for the following student centric methods for facilitating effective learning. These are identified at the beginning of the semester itself based on inputs from Cluster Mentor and External Mentors. The implementation is verified during the Faculty Review conducted at the end of the Semester.

Conventional Methodology: Even in conventional lectures, faculty uses ICT. (All faculty are provided with Laptops and all classrooms have LCD projectors, Campus is Wi-Fi enabled) Students are encouraged to use E-resources on our LMS.

Experiential learning is the process of learning through hands-on experience. It is also defined as "learning through reflection on doing".

Some of the tools used by the Institute are:

Lab Experiments

Field trips


Projects Exhibitions


Individual learning:


Wi-Fi enabled campus


Participative /collaborative learning:

Participative learning redefines traditional student-teacher relationship in the classroom .It refers to the methodologies in which students are engaged in a common task where each student is accountable to one other.


Group Projects

Flipped Classroom

Group discussions


Role Plays

Management Games


Committee activities

Problem based learning:

This methodology helps the student to understand the situation and come out with alternatives. It helps to develop critical thinking in students . Some of the tools used by the Institute are:

Case Studies

PBL Experiments

Scholarly Term Paper