Students Council Association

A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in the college can become involved in the affairs of the college, working in partnership with the management, staff and students for the benefit of the college and its students.

The role of the Student Council

A Student Council will set its own objectives. Some general objectives could include:

  • To enhance communication between students, management and staff.
  • To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development.
  • To promote friendship and respect among pupils.
  • To support the management and staff in the development of the college.
  • To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern to them.

The Student Council and the Management

  • The college shall establish and maintain procedures for the purpose of informing about the activities in the college.
  • The college shall encourage and help students to set up a Student Council and shall assist a Student Council when established.
  • The college shall draw up rules for the establishment of a Student Council which shall provide for the selection of members and the dissolution of a Council.
  • The college will have a role in considering the rules governing meetings of the Student Council, and the conduct of its affairs.
  • The Management will give active support to the student council. This could involve designating a student advisor in the college to communicate with the Council on an ongoing basis, as well as assisting the Council in drawing up a constitution and in planning and organizing its activities.

The Student Council and the Principal

The role of the Principal is of central importance in the establishment and operation of a Student Council. In assisting the Management in the development of college policy, and in working with teachers and to implement it at day-to-day level, the Principal is centrally placed in all aspects of the college’s operations. In the initial stages, the Principal, together with the other teachers, will assist in the development of a Student Council in several ways, for example, by discussing with students the role of a Student Council and the role of individual representatives on the council, the Principal will assist in guiding the Council’s development, so as to allow for a constructive and purposeful Council. More generally, the Principal can promote a college culture which recognises the potentially valuable input that students can make, through a Student Council, into the development of the college.

The Student Council and Teachers

Developing a spirit of partnership and co-operation between a Student Council and teachers has benefits for both. The Student Council can play an important role in recognizing and supporting the work of teachers. Similarly the interest and support of teachers will be of great value to a Student Council, particularly during the early stages of its development. It is generally desirable for a member of the teaching staff to attend meetings of the Council. The support and guidance offered by a teacher will be very useful to a Council when planning its activities, and providing for a teacher to attend Council meetings will help to build a co-operative and good working relationship between students and staff of the college.

Key functions of Student Council:

The functions and activities of a Student Council should support the aims and objectives of the Council and promote the development of the college and the welfare of its students. In planning and undertaking activities during the course of the college year.

The Council should:

  • Work closely with the management, teachers and students,
  • Consult regularly with students in the college, and
  • Involve as many students as possible in the activities of the Council.

Advisory Committee

    Advisory Committees shall be appointed for the various associations comprising the following members
  1. Principal
  2. Dean Student Affairs
  3. Student Office Bearers
    1. Student President
    2. Student Vice President

The overall function of each Advisory Committee of the various co-curricular programmes such as NSS, Arts and Cultural Associations at the college level is to advise on the various activities of associations based on the immediate and urgent needs of the students and the community.

Dean Student Affairs

  1. To motivate the student youth to understand the values and philosophy of the association.
  2. To plan, implement and evaluate the activities of the association under his/her charge and give proper guidance and directions to the student volunteers.
  3. To supervise the nomination of students to the Students Committee in each association.

Student President

  1. To assist the Principal and the Dean Student Affairs in areas such as student welfare, discipline.
  2. To uphold the values and ethics in the conduct of the affairs of the association in holding events, inviting resource persons and handling financial transactions, if any, in co-ordination with the Dean Student Affairs and the Principal.
  3. To encourage and motivate participation by students interested in specific club activities and co-curricular activities.
  4. To ensure proper maintenance of registers.
  5. To liaison between students and the Dean Student Affairs.
  6. To plan, organize and successfully implement events and activities for the year.
  7. To conduct the Fresher’s Day, Fresher’s Day, Students Association Day, Independence Day and Republic Day.

Student Vice President

  1. To assist student chairpersons in the activities of the association.
  2. To record and submit all data related to the activities.
  3. To maintain and update all registers of the association.

Procedure for Nomination of Student members in Student Bodies

An overall list of students eligible to be nominated for each co-curricular programme and club /association in each department may be drawn by the Heads of Departments. From the list of eligible students, two students from each department interested in a particular activity may be nominated by the faculty, final year students and third year students of each department during class committee meetings to become members of the Executive Committees based on the eligibility criteria given below.

From among the members of the Executive Committees, one Male, one Female student may be nominated by the Principal, and the Executive Committee for each association and Co-curricular activities.

Each department students shall hold the position for a period of one year in a round robin method, thereby giving the opportunity to students of all departments to develop leadership qualities.

All nominated students shall abide by the duties and responsibilities presented above.

View Certificate of Registration

1 Syed Rizwan III CSE 17C31A05A3 President
2 M. Navya III CSE 17C31A0564 Women President
3 Pooja Mishra II MBA 18C31E0034 Women President
4 K. Bhargav III EEE 17C31A0239 Vice President
5 B. Srikanth III EEE 17C31A0216 Vice President
6 MD Abdul Numan III ME 17C31A0330 Secretary
7 MD Gayaaz III CE 17C31A0159 Joint Secretary
8 D.Ramprakash III ECE 17C31A0423 Event Organizer
10 A. Sukumar III ME 17C31A0301 Co Advisor
11 K.Sumanth III CSE 17C31A0511 Volunteer Head
12 MD Asif III CE 17C31A0158 Event Manager
13 K.Pravalika III EEE 17C31A0234 Council Incharge
14 G.Karthik III CE 17C31A0133 Activity Incharge
15 J.Anil III CE 17C31A0136 Activity Incharge
16 Sania Talha II CSE 18C31A0549 Organizer And Head Of Operations
17 D. Sharanya II CSE 18C31A0509 Organizer And Head Of Operations
18 Aaqib Ur Rahaman III ECE 17C31A0401 Organizer
19 N. Varun Teja II ECE 18C31A04B7 Organizer
20 B. Shiva Mallika II MBA 18C31E0004 Organizer
21 B.Akhila II CSE 18C31A0507 Organizer
22 B. Priyatham III CE 17C31A0113 Publicity Incharge
23 G. Manasa II ECE 18C31A0490 Publicity Incharge
24 MD Aman II ME 19C35A0326 Publicity Incharge
25 A. Veena II CSE 18C31A0567 Publicity Incharge
26 V.Sharvanui III EEE 17C31A0268 Treasurer
27 K.Revanth III ECE 17C31A0453 Treasurer
31 P. Dharani II MBA 18C31E0030 Treasurer
32 V. Hema III ECE 18C31A0445 Volunteer Head
33 K.Vamshi Krishna II CSE 18C31A0519 Volunteer Head
34 M.Ramya II CSE 18C31A0551 Cultural Head
35 G.Rakesh II MBA 18C31E0010 Cultural Head
36 K. Reshma II CSE 18C31A0520 Coordinator
37 CH.Chandana III CSE 17C31A0522 Cultural Coordinator
1 Md. Ubaid IV CE 16C31A0156 President
2 D. Sandeep IV EEE 16C31A0222 Vice President
3 V. Nikhil IV CSE 16C31A05B7 Vice President
4 Khaja Sohail Ahmed Mohiuddin IV ME 16C31A0341 Secretary
5 V. Sushmitha IV CSE 16C31A05B6 Women President
6 Md.Rizwan III CSE 17C31A05A3 Joint Secretary
7 A. Dileep Reddy IV CSE 16C31A0502 Event Organizer
8 P. Ranjith III CSE 17C31A0581 Organizer
9 Thaha Samreen IV ECE 16C31A04D6 Council Incharge
10 B. Saisha IV CSE 16C31A0519 Advisor
11 G. Sai Siddhartha Reddy IV EEE 16C31A0226 Event Organizer
12 N. Abhinav III CSE 17C31A0576 Event Organizer
13 CH. Srinivas IV EEE 16C31A0218 Organizer And Head of Operations
14 Md. Rizwan IV CSE 16C31A05B0 Organizer And Head of Operations
15 Md. Subhan IV CE 16C31A0163 Treasurer
16 A. Shiva Reddy III CSE 17C31A0501 Treasurer
17 Md. Riyaz III ECE 17C31A0465 Co Advisor
18 K. Pravalika III EEE 17C31A0234 Treasurer
19 B. Akhil IV CE 16C31A0114 Volunteer Head
20 M. Navya III CSE 17C31A05A3 Volunteer Vice Head
21 V. Nishma II MBA 17C31E0029 Organizer and Head of Operations
22 V. Pramod Kumar II MBA 17C31E0029 Event Organizer
1 M. Sai Hruday III CSE 15C31A05A3 President
2 V. Sushmitha III CSE 16C31A05B6 Women President
3 S. Rahul IV CE 14C31A0343 Vice President
4 G. Akhil IV ME 14C31A0110 Secretary
5 D. Deepak IV ECE 14C31A0415 Joint Secretary
6 S. Sairam IV EEE 15C35A0222 Event Organizer
7 T. Dileep Kumar III CSE 14C31A0563 Organizer
8 MD. Jabar Khan III ME 15C31A0330 Council Incharge
9 G. Sunny III CE 15C31A0115 Advisor
10 CH. Pranay III ECE 15C31A0406 Advisor
11 V. Pavan III EEE 15C31A0220 Advisor
12 Y. Bindu II MBA 16C31E0037 Event Organizer
1 A. Nagaraju IV CE 13C31A0104 President
2 B.Sravani IV ECE 13C31A0418 Women President
3 S.Rahul III ME 14C31A0343 Vice President
4 G. Akhil III CE 14C31A0110 Secretary
5 S. Sairam III EEE 14C31A0222 Joint Secretary
6 G. Sunny II CE 15C31A0115 Event Organizer
7 CH. Pranay II ECE 15C31A0406 Organizer, Head of Operations
8 V. Pavan II EEE 15C31A0220 Council Incharge
9 M. Saihruday II CSE 15C31A05A3 Advisor
10 D.Devender II ME 15C31A0210 Advisor
11 N. Mourya II MBA 15C31E0029 Event Organizer
12 N. Murali II MBA 15C31E0032 Organizer, Head of Operations
1 N.Sai Siddhartha IV CSE 12C31A0575 President
2 G. Navya IV ECE 12C31A0436 Women President
3 G. Naga Raju III CE 13C31A0104 Vice President
4 R.Sravani III ECE 13C31A0418 Secretary
5 S. Rahul II ME 14C31A0343 Joint Secretary
6 G.Akhil II CE 14C31A0110 Event Organizer
7 S. Sai Ram II EEE 15C35A0222 Advisor
8 Mohammad Saddam II MBA 14C31E0025 Advisor
9 G. Madhuri II MBA 14C31E0011 Event Organizer
1 G.Raj Kumar IV CSE 11C31A0516 President
2 K.Rahul IV CSE 11C31A0568 Vice- President
3 G. Navya III ECE 12C31A0436 Women-President
4 A.Nagaraju II CE 13C31A0104 Secretary
5 B.Sravani II ECE 13C31A0418 Joint Secretary
6 N.Krishna Rao II ME 13C31A0341 Council Incharge
7 P. Swathi III EEE 13C31A0250 Joint Secretary
8 K. Suresh II MBA 13C31E0046 Event Organizer
9 G. Venkanna II MBA 13C31E0050 Event Organizer